Winners of the Creative Gaming Award 2017

Most Creative Game


What is more creative? An art style, a game mechanic, an emotional or social experience, the game feel, the theme or story, the sound design, system design or maybe the creative use of hardware? Everything together? Nothing? The combination of the various elements inside the game? Is it up for the player to decide? The nominees for Most Creative Game left us with these questions and a very tough decision. Demonstrating numerous possibilities of creativity inside games.

In the jury’s opinion the game deserves the award for its highly creative keyboard input mechanics, which are perfectly interwoven with the story, including well written dialogues, characters, the level objectives and progression, enabling the player to escape his or her ordinary WASD world and forcing them to use all keys in different ways to help save QWERTY.

Keyboard Sports by Triband

Most Innovative Newcomer


The Nominees in this category are all together great examples of innovative game design. In the jury’s opinion the winning game deserves the award for its communicative gameplay that forces the players to talk with each other, to solve the riddles in the room. Also the clever implementation of the VR-device brings the players to a common gaming experience. The jury is curious about how the developers will further expand the game by adding new levels, implementing more riddles or maybe gameplay mechanics that will encourage the players to change their roles.

The jury had a hard time deciding which game will be the most innovative newcomer an it was a close decision.

Tell me what you see by Pesky Bees

Audience Award


This year’s winner of the Audience Award is a game that encourages innovation and creativity. It exemplifies what games can be. It also shows what PLAY stands for: trying out and experimenting; being original, easily accessible and something people with little or a lot gaming experience can enjoy together.

Close the Leaks by Henning Steinbock